Take it, Bitch! (tealighttrees) wrote in vaginapagina,
Take it, Bitch!

Female Ejaculation

Cue a slightly embarrassing question.

I've noticed after the last several (20 - 30) times I've masturbated or had sex that, maybe a couple of minutes after orgasm, I need to use the bathroom. This is not because I need to urinate -- I can absolutely feel the fluid coming from my vagina, and not my urethra. Also, it is always clear, never urine-colored, nor does it have any odor to it at all. And the feeling of needing to use the bathroom is not the same as it is when I need to pee.

At first I was thinking this may be female ejaculation, but then I realized it never happens with my orgasm. Always a minute or two after. Also, 100% of my orgasms happen from clitoral stimulation, not g-spot or penetration or anything like that (though I'm sure you can still ejaculate from clitoral orgasms...). Am I maybe just expelling left over wetness (I get very wet)?

I guess I'm just looking for opinions. Do you think this is female ejaculation? Or something else (if this, what?)? Should I see a doctor or something?
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