banana_slugs (banana_slugs) wrote in vaginapagina,

When is it finally going to stop?

So, I decided to start BC about a month ago and got myself on the Nuvaring. So far so well, I've been experiencing extreme spotting the whole 3 weeks I had it in and a nine day long period that came early (I've put the ring in on the first day of my period last month and kind of never stopped bleeding). Yesterday I put the new ring in after the one-week-break and was relieved to find that there was almost no blood when I changed my tampon today in the morning. However, after sex with my boyfriend, I started to bleed again. Not much, but enough to annoy the hell out of me. And I'm sure it's Nuvaring-related and not about my boyfriend ripping something. It's really no surprise, since he's bumping my cervix every time we have sex, but I'm stressed about it nonetheless
I know that it takes the body a while to adjust and since it's my first go with hormonal birth control altogether, I was sort of prepared, but really, when will I finally stop bleeding? On the good side, however, I had fewer cramps this cycle, which is very good (because I decided to go on the ring to help me deal with my PMS better, apart from the condom-less sex). 
Also, I do have lots of mood-swings because of the ring. I don't know why, but since my boyfriend and I fight a lot, I thought I would try not to take my anger out on him, he didn't do anything to deserve that. Apparently, I did such a good job, he didn't even notice those freaking moods. The reason why we are/were fighting so much was probably because he thought I was trying to irritate him by being unreasonable from time to time. This would make him so angry that a fight would be inevitable. And the reason why it would make him explode is probably because we are seeing each other about every day, so a little space will do us good.

I'm sorry for the last part as it's vagina-unrelated, I guess I just needed a place to vent... If it's inappropriate, mods, please feel free to delete the post.

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