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Ok, I've checked the vulvapedia about HBC and read about it but I want to have a confirmation of knowledge here. I went to the health dept. last Weds, to get some birth control. I have NEVER used bc in my life, either. The doctor gave me Ortho-Tri-cylen and put me on a Sunday start, since my period just ended the week before last. So that means, I wont be starting my bc until later on this month (around the 20th or so). It totally slipped my mind to ask about the sex portion benefit of the pills. I had so much on my mind that day, it was the last thing I even thought about asking.

So, am I understanding correctly....I am protected against pregnancy as long as I have taken the pills for the first 21 days? I just wanted to see if that's correct because I've had people tell me that you should wait at least a month or 2 after starting the pill before having unprotected sex, but they were on Ortho-Tri-cyclen LO. So if that's the case, if I were to have sex say the beginning or the middle of June, and I've taken ALL my pills correctly (at the same time everyday) I would be perfectly fine against pregnancy, right? I would assume since I'm getting a higher dosage of hormones, but I just wanted to be certain.

Thanks in advance! :)
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