notknowhow (notknowhow) wrote in vaginapagina,

HBC + Vaginal Contraceptive Film = No Babies?

Hi everyone!

My S.O. and I like sex a lot. And we like it without condoms. And we tried the female condom and we liked that even less. However, both of us really don't like the idea of getting pregnant.

Currently, we are using the birth control pill (with ALMOST perfect use), and withdrawal, however, i really like the feeling of him finishing inside me when we DO use condoms, and I want to be able to experience that without the condom, but also without the baby-making.

I can't find stats online, and would love it if someone would be able to help me out! i want to compare the baby-preventing effectiveness (not the STI preventing, as i know there is none) of HBC + withdrawal as compared to HBC + vaginal contraceptive film. I think that they are pretty comparable, but I'm not sure.

Also, does anyone have any anecdotal experience of the Vaginal Contraceptive Film? Is it pretty dummy proof, or does it have a steep learning curve? Also, is it pretty harsh on the vagina, or can she kinda take care of herself?

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