aufjedenfall (aufjedenfall) wrote in vaginapagina,

What's the earliest pregnancy symptons are apparent?

I'm a little paranoid, I admit. I had sex during ovulation and used a condom every time without any issues (no slips, breaks or leaks) but now it's a week later and my breasts are incredibly sore. I occasionally have sore breasts before my period (which is due in just under a week - next Sunday, the 11th) but they really hurt and feel swollen. Is seven days after sex too early to detect pregnancy signs on the off-chance that I'm pregnant despite using protections without any known condom failures?

I really don't think I'm pregnant, but the breast tenderness/swollenness/pain is freaking me out.

I'm also wondering if dramatically increased caffeine consumption (starting last week, about 2-3 days before the breast pain started) could be the culprit. Does anyone have any experience with that?
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