xasgoodasitgets (xasgoodasitgets) wrote in vaginapagina,

I think I'm paranoid...

I started my placebo week of pills today, so yesterday was my last pill out of the pack. When I tried to push the pill out, it got stuck and I had trouble getting it out of the foil. I finally poked it out but some of the blue (the pill is blue) was missing and I could see white, the inside of the pill. I can't really be sure how much of the pill broke off, but I tried to get the rest of it out and couldn't really find anything in the pack except some powder. I'm worried I might have dropped some? I don't know. I ate the powder and took the pill and everything, but I'm a bit paranoid.

I know missing a pill at the very end or very beginning of the pack is the worst time and so I guess I'm just wondering if you think I'm at risk? Should I abstain from sex for a while? This may seem like overkill but I just REALLY cannot afford to get pregnant right now.
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