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I'm freaking out, so this will be a detailed request. I have tonsilitis, my tonsils have crazy white patches on them and are swollen and i had the whole naseous dizzy deal. I had a slight fever for two days and sweat a LOT over night, like so much i had to change my pants.. gross I know. I woke up yesterday morning with two small bumps on my vulva, and one on my labia.. they were not blisters though. I didn't think anything of them, because they didnt hurt, itch, or have any sensation whatsoever, so i thought maybe my sweat glands got clogged.

I kept messing with them tryin to scratch them off or squeeze them, and I'm sure I worsened them. One of them on my vulva has gotten bigger and is like an open sore now. Its bleeding a bit, and the two on my vulva look darker now, while the one on my labia stayed the same. When I push on them, they are hard, and they are not flat to the skin. They feel like little balls underneath my skin almost. I'm just worried because they are open, and not closed like cysts usually are, but I know herpes are flat to the skin, and these are raised. I still have no burning when i urinate or tingling or itching whatsoever. Is there anything this can be? I'm extremely worried. Thanks in advance.

oh and i forgot to mention i'm on antibiotics if that has anything to do with it?
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