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Bleeding after sex?

 Hi everyone. I've checked the tags and the FAQ's and couldn't find anything like this.

My boyfriend and I just recently started having sex. I'm 22 years old, and I was a virgin until we did it the first time (I'm a late bloomer. :) ). We've only had sex three times, the most recent being last night. The first time we had sex, I bled. No surprises there--we were both expecting/prepared for that possibility. The second time, everything went fine--it hurt a little bit, but it started to feel good by the end. However, the most recent time, we stopped midway through to re-adjust position and he noticed that I was bleeding again. I'm not sure what's going on. It was kind of painful (but still trending toward feeling good by the time we stopped), and things are a little sore today.

I wasn't bleeding much (not even as much as I did the first time around).

On my own, after I stopped freaking out, I came up with a few possibilities:
a. that my hymen hadn't been completely broken the first or second time, and that this was just vestigial bleeding from that.
b. that I wasn't "ready" enough and/or we didn't use enough lube
c. the angle was kind of awkward and maybe something got messed up that way
d. that I'm (oh no) allergic to latex. 
e. that because I'd just finished my period a couple days ago, this had something to do with that (not likely--the blood was bright red and not period-looking, if you all know what I mean).

I looked "bleeding after intercourse" on google, and got all kinds of scary-sounding stuff that didn't sound like my problem at all--I feel like this is surface in origin, rather than internal.

I will schedule a doctor's appointment if necessary, but I have no health insurance, and would like to avoid the expense if I can...especially since I would have to ask my mom to pay for the appointment, and that would involve her finding out that I've not only been having sex, but that I've been having problems with it. I'd rather avoid that particular conversation.

Obviously, you all can't tell me what's going on with me, but I was just wondering if this is normal, if I should be worried, and if any of you knew of any possible causes/preventative measures.

Thanks, all.
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