Аллергический Любить (neatta) wrote in vaginapagina,
Аллергический Любить

Diva Cup question!

So, I'm pretty awful at gauging measurements. Dreadful, in fact. I've recently begun using a diva cup (recently as in yesterday) and am still getting used to inserting it. Each time I put it in, it still seems a bit off. Like not entirely comfortable. I feel like it's not far enough in, but the instructional packet scared the crap out of me with telling me not to put it in too far. I don't have the booklet on hand but it says, as far as I remember, to not put it farther than 1/2" into the vaginal opening or it could leak and/or be difficult to remove. My question is: is there a risk of anything else happening to me if it goes too far in? I want to keep pushing it to try to get it comfortable, but I have this absurd fear that... I don't know, my vagina will implode into a black hole. I know (think?) that there is no risk of TSS with the cup, but I want to make sure that there are not going to be any awful consequences if it goes in a little too far.
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