secretstar07979 (secretstar07979) wrote in vaginapagina,

Please help, v.paranoid about genital warts =/

Hi, basically I'm scared! About 3 weeks ago I noticed that I have a tiny skin-tag like 'lump' on the lining of my vag, it feels tiny, isn't sore, itchy or painful and is basically invisible in the mirror. I thought nothing of it but over the last week I've noticed about 3 tiny 1mm or so big lumps/pimples/spots on my outside lips. Again, they're not really visible in a mirror and are not sore. They feel like they could be ingrown hairs but I've been shaving for years and never had that problem before, espec not 3 at 1 time...


I had sex twice with a guy i didn't really know well back in July 09 - it was protected but I know the hpv virus can spread anyway. I'm worried that these spots are the beginning of genital warts. What do you think? I've booked a docs appointment but it's not for another week and this is playing on my mind so much! =(

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