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Polycistic Ovaries... how long to wait

Hiya everyone!

At the end of October I had an emergency laproscopy as they thought I had appendicitis.
They couldn't find anything, except for chronic inflammation in my tummy, and at the time they thought I might have endo.
The biopsy was negative for endo, but during one of the ultrasounds, the radiologist said my ovaries looked a bit polycistic, but it was possible it was because of the Depo injection.
I'd been on depo nearly 8 years, came off it then, as I found out progesterones nastily affect one of my medical conditions.
Last depo was due 25th Nov, so I've been off it quite a while now.
No periods yet, but my body went through what felt like a period last month, but no blood.

My blood sugar levels have recently bombed. I'm constantly low. I was in hospital for a stomach ulcer when they discovered this, and I was being woken up every hour to have my fingers pricked and have orange juice and toast forced down my throat, and occasionally that gross glucose gel.
I don't have a home blood glucose testing kit as I'm not diabetic, so I can't guarantee levels since I've been out of hospital, but I feel much the same, including horrible tingliness / pins and needles in lips!

I was looking up hypoglycaemia to see if any of my odd medical conditions can cause it, and I noticed the link with PCOS.
My Mum has developed Type II Diabetes in recent years too, and had to have a hysterectomy young because of constant bleeding.
When they suggested Endo to me, I read up on it and a lot of it sounded true - terrible bleeding, unexplained pains in tummy, etc.
Well, they thought when it wasn't my appendix, it could have been a ruptured cyst.

Now my hormones are starting to get back towards normal levels, I find it odd that I've suddenly become chronically hypoglycaemic.

How long should I wait after being off Depo to get another scan of my ovaries to see if they're ok?
The radiologist did say it could be due to long term depo usage, but now I'm off that I want to make sure they're not polycystic and that that's not what's causing the low blood sugar.

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