misssockpuppet (misssockpuppet) wrote in vaginapagina,

Yi, BV, UTI?

So as you allll know, i've been suffering from recurrent YIs due to a new birth control, which will be changed in two weeks (YAY!). so firstly, has anyone here gotten recurrent YIs when on a certain brand? i've never gotten them before, but on levora it was just BAM, and has been resistant to everything.

this turned into bv, and back into yeast, and i treated both, but the yi is still kind of here. now if its possible, i think it's changed into a uti. im not getting clumpy discharge, and it actually has smelt the normal musky/sweat smell lately (sorry, gross, i know!) and is getting a bit clearer instead of being opaque, but have an occasional discomfort/itch, but its very slim. my problem now is ive been urinating, and then sitting down, and feeling the need to pee again, in which hardly anthing comes out. i don't really know if this is a UTI because theres no significant pain/burning along with it. if i REALLY think about it, i can be like "huh. that feels funny.", but it might just be me overanalyzing.

so, does that ONE symptom SCREAAAAM a UTI? and any additional feedback would be great. thank you!!

EDIT: i'm really worried about all of this, and its caused many nights of crying. i've been sick for a while now because a few months ago, on seasonique, my uterine lining tripled, and i bled for about 3 months (all due to stacking two packs), so they wanted to do a hysteroscopy after a few months on my new one, levora. i have had a yeast infection since the 2nd week of levora, and i have my gyno follow up on april 9th, but ill have my period. i'm so scared as to what this could be, and i don't know whats going on. i dont want to be on diflucan anymore because it didnt do anything for me, and all the vaginal inserts didnt help either. i know the YI is from the birth control, because i only have had one other in my life and i was 13. im so lost as to where to go from here. i just started feeling better and now im so worried again. any help. please. :(.
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