arf777 (arf777) wrote in vaginapagina,

IUD Strings

I posted this on IUD Divas a few days ago and decided I would post it here as well to see if I get more responses. It's kind of a stupid post, but something I am curious about.

Hey, there. I am a little curious about something so I decided to come on here and ask you ladies a question. I got my IUD strings trimmed a little at my 8 week check up and now they are different lengths. Not a big deal, and not much different in length, but enough to where it is kind of annoying when checking or noting the length of my strings. However, next time I am seen, I would feel like I was complaining about an uneven haircut or something if I asked to even them out just for my own weirdness sake. Haha. Are your IUD strings the same length or uneven? Now, I know some of you are sick of hearing questions about the IUD strings and could care less about checking them, but this is more out of curiosity if anything. Anyways, thanks in advance. You are all always so helpful. =]
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