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vagina wall prolaspe? loose vagina

(only in my 2nd real sexual relationship with someone,) My bf said this to me before and it's the 2nd time a guy has told me this, but I'm big/loose/not tight down there. (not meant in a insulting way of course)

i use a diva cup and i know it's not supposed to distort anything down there but when i stuck my fingers in and tried to squeeze tight, it wasn't that tight at all, (i could hardly feel anything)  Combined with feeling something in my vagina (cervix?)  when I stick my fingers far enough back...

I do currently have what looks like minor hemorrhoids on my ass but  they cause no pain nor bleeding.  seems to be aesthetic only. when I went to the doctor for it they simply prescribed a topical cream to use but no real help with reducing them. They are by no means recent though, I've had them for a long time (yrs) but due to never having any problems/pain i never worried about it.

this being loose thing bothers me to some extent though . I remember being tighter in HS and scared of tampons and those being hell!

im not currently on BC and periods are regularish ( they come , just are regularly irregular. sometimes exactly a month later, sometimes a little longer gap) hair falls out as well.

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