suddenlysecret (suddenlysecret) wrote in vaginapagina,

an infection?

Lately I've been having pain during sex (the rare times me and my boyfriend do have it) even when I'm pretty sure I've been really aroused and ready for it.
I brought this up to my doctor when I had an appointment yesterday, but she said that she thinks I'm probably just not aroused enough (I've had issues with it before) and didn't want to give me a swab. I was worried it was an infection but she said if it was I'd most likely have pain at other times.
Now, today, I'm getting pain. It just started maybe 15 minutes ago, a burning sensation around the entrance to my vagina? I've had it burn like this before just randomly but now of course I'm paranoid I have an infection. My discharge seems normal, it's coming out white and gooey and not clumpy or dry. I've always had alternations between my discharge drying to a white colour or a crusty yellow (sometimes dark) colour though.
I really want to get tested so I can stop stressing but it seems stupid when I saw my doctor just before and she said she doubted it was an infection. It'll be kind of embarrassing going back this soon :(

So, in your opinions- could I have an infection? Or am I overthinking things?
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