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Is this weird?

Alright.. I don't know how to say this without sounding.. pretty blunt, so..


My current boyfriend (2 and a half years) is my second partner. And I've always had a problem.. getting wet enough for sex, no matter what; Foreplay or not. Doesn't matter.

He has to kind of, rub himself down there and TRY to get in before .. it.. finally lets him through. This whole process takes about.. 10 seconds (not a big deal), but is this normal?

Is it supposed to just slide right in; no muss, no fuss?

Also, another question while it's on my mind;
I never gave it a second thought before, as both  my boyfriend and my previous partner did it, but when we're having sex, we only use a condom at the very end. I KNOW this is bad. I know about precum and stuff,  but is this, at all, common? Or are we abnormal?

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