fleurlur (fleurlur) wrote in vaginapagina,

Implanon & Periods

So I have the contraceptive implant, have had it since July 2009. In January/February my hormones went a bit wonky and it felt like going through puberty again along with quite heavy spotting! So, anyway, with the doctors advice I took a months worth of HBC and that straightened me out again, I had a normal 5 day period, and after that no more bleeding or hormonal weirdness. So, comes to this month, I haven't had a period yet. I don't know whether to expect one yet because last month's was a forced one as it was a withdrawal bleed off the pill or whether the implanon is doing its job and phasing out my periods or whether I should be worried! Please help reassure me or something :(

EDIT: Would you bloody believe it, it's appeared this morning!
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