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my curiosity and paranoia have gotten the best of me ...any correlation of these symptoms?

So I've noticed some things that are a bit wonky in the past while, and I was wondering if anyone could maybe check these out and think of anything that might be out of balance/disorders ..I could just be completely paranoid, but I'd like to know if anyone can relate any of these when put together
-for the past two or three years, almost every period I've had is accompanied with killer cramps to the point I vomit on the first day (I've been prescribed ponstan for these, though, but it only cuts down the nausea)

-I've always been slightly hairrier than usual (could be hereditery since my dad is crazy hairy [my sister isn't?], but I have dark hairs [up to 15] on my nipples and have a "treasure trail", where the hairs grow up to an inch and a half)

-I've noticed a weird thing with my heart beat, it's sometimes a bit painful, making me catch my breath a bit, and sometimes seems too strong for what I'm doing (pounding like crazy if I'm just standing or sitting down)

-changes in appetite -I've always eaten a LOT since I'm tall and very active, but this year it seems I can't get full anymore

-within the past week I noticed a slight bump (about the size of a skittle or medium pea) under my right armpit. it hurts to push on and I can kind of pick it up/squish it under my skin

I have no idea if any of this makes sense, and I'm most likely going to go to my doctor for the bump and my heart, but it might be a while, and I'd like to go to the appointment prepared.
why am I always so curious?!
thanks so much

I thought I should throw in a quick background:
not sexually active, not on any meds (unless you count a b vitamin complex), otherwise quite healthy minus an annoying sniffly cold that won't go away
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