sothis_is_love (sothis_is_love) wrote in vaginapagina,


hi there, i was wondering if anyone knew the answer to my problems so thought this was the best place to start.

basically, been trying to get pregnant for 3 years now. have pcos and on 2000mgs metformin daily.
since august last year blood tests confirmed i have been ovulating every month, i wasnt prior to this.

so i got pregnant in november but miscarried. basically im now thinking (because of something i read on a forum) that maybe i do ovulate every month but its not strong enough? im not sure what i read but that was the basics of it. i have blood tests most months to confirm im ovulating but nothing else, would the levels of hormones in the blood tell the doctors if my ovulations arent good enough? surely the doctor would tell me if this was the case?

sorry if this doesnt make much sense hopefully someone understands it lol.

thanks ladies :)
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