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effect of stacking HBC on existing cysts/medical questions


Random question: I have a ~4cm diameter cyst on my left ovary. The NP I saw today said that I needed to stack, starting now, so that the cyst would go away and I wouldn't develop any more. But... I thought that a] cysts are tied to your actual cycle, so stacking would just make it last longer, AND b] you don't ovulate on the pill anyway, so what's the big hullaballoo about stacking?

I'm just so frustrated with being told misinformation or even lied to. Nobody's willing to help me fix the cyst, just maybe possibly treat the symptoms, if I'm lucky. And then they complain when I need more narcotics, but that's caused by them denying me a solution, and it's just nasty.

I was also told today that I "couldn't" be having serious problems, since I just wasn't in enough pain. Um. I thought medical professionals weren't supposed to determine pain solely upon patient looks. The pain, literally, is so bad that, when asked, I say "I didn't know it was possible to hurt this much and not die." And yet I don't ~deserve~ a fix, despite not being able to function at all?

Another concern:

because of the severe nausea and pain [plus the hormonal effects of the cyst itself], I have had a hard time eating and staying hydrated. Before today, I had eaten ... I want to say a max average of 1,000calories per day for six days. I managed to force myself to eat three [tiny] meals today, but I'm still very concerned about the change in my diet. I know that the thousand calorie mark is considered to be the main ... threshold? for starvation, especially when borne out over more than three or four days.

And yet when I've told this to the providers, they just gloss over it... or don't pay any attention at all. The cynic in me says it's because I'm fat, that they're [albeit implicitly] wanting me to be on a ~diet~ so that I'll lose some of my horrible death!fat. Which is even wronger than just ignoring it, IMO. I just don't know what to do. Hell, my stomach is showing signs and symptoms of severe bloating [when reclining on a medical gurney, my stomach, from directly below my breasts to right above my navel, was at least two inches "bigger"/taller/sticking out more than it was two days before.

I just don't know how to handle this. I didn't restrict my eating on purpose, in fact I've been forcing as much fluids as possible and some semblance of healthy proteins and complex carbs so I don't totally die, but ... I'm getting the feeling they don't believe me. That they think I have an eating disorder. That I just need to ~lose some weight~ and all my problems with the cyst will go away. Except that it doesn't work like that. I've done my absolute best to stand up for myself and I still keep getting steamrolled. Like my rights and privileges as a patient don't exist?

On that note - am I correct in assuming that it is a patient right to have effective and complete treatment, including a resolution and not a "quick fix" of the "stack your pills" sort? I'm not that great on that sort of thing, that area of law was never my interest. Any help would be appreciated.

Thanks for reading, if you made it this far. I've got a bunch of write-ups being worked on, as this is a hellish ongoing saga, and I will keep you all updated as stuff happens. Thank you all for your incredible show of support thus far.
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