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Help with an unusual question

Okay, so I am currently dealing with my second ever yeast infection. The first one I had came like a day and a half before my period, and so that cleared it up and I didn't have to worry about it anymore. I'm currently treating it with oral AZO yeast and vaginal itching cream. Not the most aggressive treatment, but I lost my job last week so I can't afford to see a doctor right now. One application of the cream seems to last until I shower, and the pills are helping too.

Anyway, the discharge is pretty bad, a clumpy creamy yellowish color. If I look with a hand mirror its bad internally and externally. My underwear are a wreck (last night I slept in a pad just to protect my undies, it was that bad.) When I pee, the toilet is full of much darker than normal yellow liquid and is very cloudy: obviously the yeast.

Why do I mention that part? Well, I had some unprotected sex recently, and the day to test for pregnancy is coming up on Wednesday. I'm fairly certain with my unaggressive treatment I will still be battling this then.

My question is: will the yeasties affect the pee test? Will they give a false negative or positive?

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