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Tissue visible from entrance of vagina?

I noticed while shaving that, what I assume is is part of my vagina, is visible from the entrance. I'm pretty sure it wasn't there before, though I'm not entirely positive. Feeling around it seems like it always has been, but as if that wall of the vagina has gotten thicker. It doesn't hurt, but it's making me a little worried.

I'm pretty sure it's not my hymen, because I can see what remains of it and while it could be part of it because I had just lost my virginity two months back and really haven't taken a look since then, I'm leaning towards not.

What makes me doubt that it was there before is that when I "push out" it actually covers the entrance and it never did that before.

Other info that might be revelant:

I'm on birth control (Cyclen 28), use condoms, and start my placebo week on Monday.

The condoms are latex, but I don't have an allergy... I think. I know my dad is allergic to latex, but I'm not sure if it's hereditary.

Thank you in advance for any advice that you guys can offer.
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