Dictionaria (dictionaria) wrote in vaginapagina,

Female Urinary Devices?

Hey guys,
So I'm in ROTC and the semester field training is coming up fast. Previous experience has taught me that peeing in the woods is difficult, particularly when those woods are crawling with people. For some reason these training exercises also seem to happen only when there are no leaves on the trees and therefore significantly less to hide behind from my peers. I'm not an incredibly modest individual, but there's definitely a pride thing about not wanting to have to pee in front of groups of men.

So I've been hearing some good things about FUDs--particularly for women in the military.

There seem to be two really popular brands: the GoGirl and the pStyle sold by LuckyVitamin. I'm looking for something reusable that I could just rinse off with some water from my canteen in the moment and that I wouldn't have to completely drop my pants to use.

Do any of your have any useful experience or recommendations for these?
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