misssockpuppet (misssockpuppet) wrote in vaginapagina,

rash in crack?

after finally (crossing my fingers) beating my vag problems, my bum isnt too happy! last night i had a panic attack (and i usually do, and i am getting treated!) and took a shower to calm down. i went back into my room just in my towel and layed down and fell asleep in my towel, still. i woke up naked but laying on the towel. i was in the shower this morning and was cleanin' up and it felt like i had to PEEL my cheeks apart! and it was all red and very sore. do you think it was just the moisture form the towel/way i slept? i also had alot of diarrhea last night, and have been having some type of itch AT my anus when i wipe, but thats been subsiding. ijust put some neosporin and coritsone on the crack to help it to recoop and look better! it feels alright right now, but anyone have any ideas what happened? i was so worried!

oh and it doesn't itch, so i dont think a YI is the problem! (plus the diflucan wouldve killed it, especially since the itch was prior to my current problem!)
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