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Random bumps or HPV

In January, I wrote here about possible Herpes II.

First I had a few red bumps on the left side of my labia (sorry.. I need to study my anatomy names...) which then spread within a few days to my right side and to my anal area. At first they didn't especially hurt. I did have itching on my clitoris (had some bumps on there), painful urination (that felt better with the more water I drank), and watery discharge. Eventually it started to itch and while the bumps themselves didn't hurt, my skin was sensitive (like when you have the flu) around the area and on my thighs. The bumps kinda filled with puss and when I wiped them with a cottonball soaked in tea tree oil, they instantly broke and bled a bit. They never crusted over with yellow stuff. Just your basic scabs. The skin sensitivity was still there but everything healed within 2 weeks and I haven't had it since.

A few days after getting the bumps, I went to the doctor who did a skin test but since the bumps were not wet, it would be negative results. I got a blood test and later showed I had Type 1 (which I knew about) but no Type 2. I came back one month later for another blood test specifically for Type 2. Came back, negative result.

I started to think what it could have been. Maybe a bad yeast infection? Type 1 occurring down there, which might explain its rather mild symptoms. But recently, I thought that maybe it was HPV. My symptoms have all gone since then, but I wonder now. I know to really know you need a test but does anyone have any insight?

Another thing, I'm on the pill (something like Ortho-tricylen) and this time I only had an extremely light period (mostly brown and using tampons for one day, no cramps). This never happened to me on the pill. I have been going through a lot of stress (epic break-up, changing jobs, money issues, etc), so I guess I'm asking if something like this is normal, even without stress? Having a very light period or no period at all while on the pill?

Lastly, I've been having heavy discharge. It's pastel yellowish and goopey. No cottage cheese or white. Just yellowish-white (eggshell?? haha) and maybe once a day it just comes out. I do have slight itching but it might be due to the amount, heat, and sitting there all day without bathroom breaks. Is this maybe a result of missing a period? I just have a lot of gooey discharge coming out. I figured if it was still there come Monday, I would go visit my doctor.

Any advice or comments would help! Thank you VP!
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