smallwonders8 (smallwonders8) wrote in vaginapagina,

Positions that apply pressure?

Hi guys,

I'm newly sexually active (about 6 months) and I'm trying to experiment a little more with sex. I know this sounds really weird, but before sex, the only way that I could orgasm would be to cross my legs really tightly. With some other stimulation, it was almost foolproof. Now that I'm having sex, I'm able to orgasm occasionally solely from sex. At first I thought these "occasional" times were random, but I'm starting to notice that I usually orgasm when in positions that apply similar pressure to what I did to masturbate. Thus, I ask, are there any positions that apply pressure similar to tightly crossing your legs? The only one I've tried is missionary, with my legs wrapped tightly around his waist. And, excuse my lack of anatomy knowledge, but what does this legs-crossing stimulate? Also, is there any way to "untrain" myself from my usual ways?

Thanks all!!
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