Just some person (djonma) wrote in vaginapagina,
Just some person

Hormones and Swimming

Two questions if I may.

1: I came off the depo last year, I was due it on 25th Nov, so that's when it ran out.
I stopped it as we discovered that progesterones are seriously, seriously bad for a medical condition I have. Like may be what put me in a wheelchair bsd. I was on depo for almost 8 yrs. My periods haven't restarted yet.
My question is, since progesterone is a hormone, not a made up chemical, I'm guessing it exists in the body naturally.
Which part of the cycle is it going to be highest in?
I think Oestrogen makes the periods? Sorry I'm so clueless as the original plan was hormonal bc until sterilisation so I never bothered learning about cycles.
I need to know when progesterones will be in my body so that I can take csre to not do myself serious injuries.

2: My bladder is dropped slightly out of place. This causes a mild drip incontinence.
I know when my periods come back, I can use a cup and still swim, but I wear pads for the drip incontinence and obviously there's no stopping it.
I really, really want to start swimming again though... what can I do?

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