lauren (lava_sharks) wrote in vaginapagina,

bv/tract infection possibly?

I've asked questions over @ TQC a long time, but I never thought to join here. Anyways, for the longest time my vagina has had a smell. It isn't fishy, but I guess it's almost like having a yeast infection smell without the burning or heavy discharge. Whenever I wear thongs, the smell is intolerable and almost acidic and my panties get soaked and it definitely isn't pee. I have had multiple culture tests at the gyno, and nothing has come up besides bacterial infections. I'd get meds for it, but it's cyclical like BV. Do you think this is what it is? Or should I change my diet around? It's just super annoying and embarrassing to have to be constantly aware if I stink down there or not.

edit: I guess it's ammonia-y, and Google says that's linked to BV. A long time ago it was worse and could smell it through clothes, but I can still smell it.
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