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Some IUD questions about Mirena and Nova T...

So I stopped into my planned parenthood today to ask about IUDs. Of course when I came home I did some extra research, and I have some questions!

I am allergic to nickle. I've read some things about Paraguard having nickle in it, but the options offered at my clinic (and I'm in Canada BTW) are Mirena and Nova T/Flexi T. Does anyone know anything about the nickle content in Nova T/Flexi T? Also what is the difference between Nova T and Flexi T?

I have read a lot of conflicting things about how long IUDs are effective for. The woman at the PP this morning told me 5 years flat. Do they kind of wear out before the exact 5 year mark? Or is it just recommended you don't leave it in for longer than 5 years? How long after the 5 year mark would it start to be ineffective?

I've found a lot of info on the pain of IUDs going IN, but what about coming out?

She also told me that if your cramps aren't so bad, you'll be fine with the copper Nova T, but if you get bad cramps you'll want the Mirena. I've been on the pill for about 5 years, so my periods have lessened. How would I know what my cramp situation is like now?

For those who have tried Mirena or Nova T, how have you found your periods/how often? Has anyone had them go away completely on Mirena?

I'm on Alesse right now, and she told me it's the same hormone in Mirena as in Alesse but at a much smaller dose. Does this mean it would be the same reaction to the hormone in the IUD as I have on Alesse?

Whoa, lot's of questions! But I'm getting excited about this whole long term birth control thing without having to remember to take a pill everyday!

Thanks so much!

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