Munnin GrayMoon (lady_wolf_bird) wrote in vaginapagina,
Munnin GrayMoon

Me and my body are currently fighting...

So, I'm not sure if I introduced myself as I don't think I have ever posted before today... So, my name is Crystal, or Munnin, or Rusty... Depending on your preference, I will answer to all three. :-3 I'm a crazy lady starting a new life in a new home with my wonderful boyfriend, three cats and a corn snake.

So now to my relevant post... Not really a question or anything, just some things about me and my body not being on speaking terms and I just wanted to write about it and see if anyone can sympathies the experience...

So, what I am guessing was my period decided it was going to show up 9 days early... 9 freaking days. Thank you. And it wasn't just my normal start. No warning cramps, nothing. I woke up with blood on my hands and sheets wondering WTF? Went to the bathroom and there was blood everywhere. I never start heavy enough to bleed like that on a normal day. And never when I am asleep. So tons of fun there... So, I bled for two or three days. Very light, in fact I barely needed a panty liner. On day three I was only spotting, then I was done. ARG!
I was really worried about it being a chemical pregnancy, as I had one last May. It was so different though... There was pain and warning with that, and A LOT more bleeding, for a lot longer. At the moment we are not trying to get pregnant, but really not preventing, so the possibility of pregnancy is always there. And that would defiantly be okay :-3
Now my cycle calender is all thrown off, because I counted it as day 1 of a new cycle, when I am wondering if I should count that as day one or not... Being female gets confusing when you are charting this stuff. I'm 23 years old, and have been doing this since I was 9! You'd think I would know what I was doing... By the way, to track my cycle, I use IPeriod for my Ipod touch. I LOVE THIS APP! It makes like so much easier...
The first day of my NORMAL cycle was March 1st. This weird crap happened on March 19th. fun fun... Well, thanks to all that read my nonsense!
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