Pam (pamsfriends) wrote in vaginapagina,

Is it medically necessary?

I have a question about pelvic exams.

I have had one pelvic exam. It was about six years ago. It was awful. I really did not want my first somebody-getting-all-up-in-my-business experience to be the cold hands of an unsympathetic doctor who ragged on me for not masturbating (because I was "repressed" and "it could help"). I kind of wanted my first somebody-getting-all-up-in-my-business experience to be a sensitive cute guy in college, you know? I haven't been back since and just thinking about it makes me cry.

I moved away from home two years ago and haven't found a gyno in my new city. My mother nags me to the point of tears nearly every conversation we have because she had some gynecological issues. We're very different people, though. She's had health issues her whole life, I had a 104-degree temperature in the eighth grade and that was it.

I do not believe that in this point in my life a pap smear or even a pelvic exam is necessary. I practice proper feminine sanitary care (I don't douche, but I do make sure nothing's "funky"), I've never had any form of intercourse or any type of non-penile penetration (other than my first exam). I don't masturbate (it's just something I have no interest in doing but do not judge others for doing, just like drinking alcohol, going on rollercoasters or driving a car). I am completely asymptomatic. I have been menstruating for more than half my life and my period has been late maybe twice. I do not have cramping any worse than "the usual" and have never had any strange colored or strange odored discharge. Actually have never had any discharge at all, really.

To use one of my famously bad analogies, why check a garage until you're pretty sure someone's going to park their car there?

ETA: If it matters, I just turned 24.

I just want to know if there's any sort of medical studies to back me up here...
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