deaddonor (deaddonor) wrote in vaginapagina,

question for the gushers

Hi everyone. I have a question for all the lucky fellow gushers or constantly wet woman

I've read the posts on discharge, and now know it can be normal to be wet 24/7 365 (evil). But my question is how do you manage it.

For the last 10 years my pants are soaked within an hour and it's torturing me. I'm already being treated for social phobia because I am so paranoid that I smell (it doesn't smell btw - only if I keeop said wet pants on all day, then it's kinda a damp smell - it's not colored or thick, it's just like water and soaking up everything it comes into contact with). I must stress the anxiety I suffer from this.

Any tips or advice? I've tried store bought pantyliners and they make me sweat and then that does smell really gross. I've also tried cloth panytliners but I soak those up too. Argh it's a nightmare help!
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