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a list of symptoms...looking for some common people to help me out

So, this isn't cured. I'm at my wits end and getting very impatient with doctors. A yeast infection has been diagnosed three times, and trated with Monistat-7, Diflucan (one day), and then a continued Diflucan course of 1x every 72 hrs for 3 times. Also, I was 'told' I had B (the same day she diagnosed the YI for the 3rd time) and diagnosed it there. But she also took swabs for BV, Chlamydia, and Ghonnarhea. And now that BV treatment and YI treatment is over and this discharge is still here I'm wondering: is it something more?

I've been pretty constipated lately. Only having little balls for bowel movements, and after a wipe, my anus feels kinda itchy. It's odd.
My poor vagina is doing okay, but this discharge...I wish I could describe it. It's somewhat tacky. I do a finger check, and its like a white paste, almost like a thin icing or frosting? But not clumpy, it's smooth. She insists this is yeast, though, but I'm not taotally convinced. One of the 3 times I was diagnosed in the last 2 months, i had an itch. this is just like sometimes this little "ooh! a little itch." but i dont even scratch it, and it goes away.
I'm starting to panic that its something more. I got tested for Chlamydia and Ghonnarhea in February, both were negative, and got tested again a few weeks ago, and didn't get a call with the results, so I assumed it was negative.
So...since this all started with the birth control, is it really possible for a BC to just COONNNSTANTLY give you a YI? I didn't know if it was the initial switch of pills that triggered one, or if it can really just go on as long as you're taking the pill.
Starting tonight, I'm going to replace my next two weeks of Levora (.15/.03) with Seasonique pills leftover from my last pack (same dosage). Seasonique gave me some bacdddd bleeding, but that was after I stacked two 3 month-packs, and it built up my lining to about 9 mm, and I may have to go back for a hysteroscopy since my withdrawl bleeding on Levora hasn't been any better. Sex is somewhat painful, just around the opening, it feels like a tear, but I was sure that it was just because I hadn't had sex in a while. My doctor told me I can go on to have sex, and so had my other doctor.

SO...if this is chlamydia, wouldn't they have called? i've only had sex with two men: one was a virgin, and my most recent partner only had sex with one other female, who was also a virgin before they met. i used a condom with my first partner, but do not use one with my current. to my knowledge, my current partner used a condom the one time he had sex with his previous gf. I have been with this partner for about a year, and have not switched partners since getting tested for Chlamydia originally, so I doubt that's the problem, but it's making me wonder.

If someone here is persistent that this is a YI, how come the discharge is pastey and smooth? It's a plain white colour, and like I said, just a slight itch. But the constipation/anal irritation at points worries me. What would you do, in my position? I'm going to try to take the seasonique tonight, and hope that breakthrough bleeding doesnt occur, since it won't be a drop in hormones.

(THANK YOU. you superstars have saved a woman with severe anxiety from having a mental breakdown. this is such a problem and hassle to me, and i dont know what it is. my next doctors appt is april 9th, but ill have my period then, so i cant get an exam. i want to thank you all for all yof your input and im so sorry for consuming your friends page over and over again. like i've said, doctors arent looking to deeply into this, and thats what worries me. so thank you. thank you. thank you)
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