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period 2 weeks late & 2 negative pregnancy tests, what's going on??

So, my boyfriend and I use condoms as protection. I'm not on any other type of birth control. We've always been diligent about using them, except for one instance 2 months ago where we had unprotected sex (no ejaculation) for like, a minute, until he decided to be the responsible one (it was my drunken idea not to use one) and put one on. That month I was worried about not getting my period, so I drank a lot of ginger and parsley tea and my period came maybe one day late. We haven't had unprotected sex since and there were no broken condoms or any other risky situations.

So now, my period is 2 weeks late. I have a longer cycle to begin with, usually around 33 days, but this is just out of hand. I took two pregnancy tests so far, one last week and one this morning, both were negative. About a week before my period was due (3 weeks ago), I spotted twice, but no real period. My boobs have been really sore for maybe 4-5 days now, which is usually a sign that I'm about to get my period, but there's been nothing! I just can't figure out what's going on at all.

I really don't think I'm pregnant but I have no clue what could be causing this. I haven't been any more stressed than usual, and though I've been losing weight through exercise/diet, it is by no means drastic nor am I skinny enough for my period to stop.

Is it possible that the parsley & ginger tea I had to help bring on my last period could've messed up my cycle? My period has been pretty regular, give or take one or two days, for the past 5 months, so this is really weird for me. Should I get a professional pregnancy test?
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