yaystripeysocks (yaystripeysocks) wrote in vaginapagina,

Female ejaculation without orgasm or urination?

So, like the subject of this post says, I'm having a hard time figuring out if I have been experiencing female ejaculation or if I'm simply peeing the bed.  I'm sure this is tmi, but here goes...

One night, after getting a bit tipsy, my boyfriend and I were having sex (he had my feet up by his shoulders and was stimulating my g-spot while I was stimulating myself manually) and I was super relaxed.  Pleasure just kept building each time he'd thrust and I thought I was getting close to orgasm.  Then I felt this weird sensation as if I were peeing and felt something squirt against my hand.  I was so worried that I had peed myself, but my boyfriend reassured me that I hadn't and that I had experienced female ejaculation.

Another night we were making love really slow and I again felt the pleasure feeling building up with the thrusts. And again, I felt something flowing out of me and the bed was soaked but there was no orgasm.  

So, last night he was going down on me and that same building sensation happened and this time I just let go and I felt three distinctive squirts (but no orgasms).  When I actually did orgasm it was really intense but nothing came out with it.  To me there was a very definite urine smell, but again my boyfriend insisted that it didn't smell like that to him and that it didn't taste any different than what I normally secrete either.  

This has happened on and off over the past year and I guess I'm just confused about what is actually happening because I always thought that female ejaculation was accompanied by an orgasm.  Mine never are. When I actually do have orgasms, I can feel intense pressure build up and although I feel the need to,  I never can squirt.  And after last night and the amount of fluid and the smell, I'm afraid that I'm just peeing everywhere. I don't have any issues with incontinence and never have.

My boyfriend thinks that I am so afraid of peeing that, when I feel that sensation, I freak out and it delays my orgasm.  At this point I just don't know. 

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