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Post- Lupron


I am a long time reader/lurker, but I finally have a question to post.

Here's somw backstory..

Last summer, I had surgery to remove a 17cm endometrioma from my right ovary and a smaller one from my left. My doctors didn't even know that they were endometriomas until they opened up my abdomen. So I had a great recovery, and haven't had any pain since.

I'd never even been diagnosed with endometriosis before the surgery. I've never had a weird period, terrible cramps, super heavy bleeding, nothing. I got my period every 27-30 days like clockwork.

After surgery, my doctor put me on Lupron. It was weird, but it's over, so whatever. I had a three month shot in July [three days after surgery], I bled for about ten days because I was due to get my period anyway. Then I got another month long shot on November 15ish. And I got another one January 15 of this year. So there was a month off in October, and in December. I was due to get the last one in February, but that never happened.

My doctor told me that the Lupron stays in the body for about 45 days, so it's definitely out of my system now, but I still haven't gotten my period back. My doctor told me that once I got my first period, that it was totally fine to start trying to conceive.

For those of you who have been on Lupron, how long did it take to get your cycle back?

Thanks so much!
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