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birth control mixup

Backstory: So I've been on Alesse for about 2 years now, but about 4 months ago i switched to a different pill (i cant remember the name) and then two months later switched back to alesse after having bad cramping and general annoyances. Last month I screwed up towards the end of the month as I lost the birth control pack and so I missed 2 pills and was late on the third. I decided to just go to the next months pack instead of taking a week of no pills (like it advises in the pamphlet).
now to the actual question:
It's midterm time for me and so I've been pretty stressed out for the past week or so, and so I messed up on taking the pills on time a few times (i took 2 the next day both of these times). I was having sex with my boyfriend friday and we noticed a tiny bit of blood, then a bit more blood on saturday morning which seemed like the start of my period to me. I decided to start the week off pills because I read in the pamphlet that you are protected for these seven days as long as youve had 21 active pills. Now I'm really worried because today I didn''t get my period, nor was there any blood at all.
I know I messed up really badly on this because then I realised that I hadnt actually had  21 active pills because I'd missed 2 the month before.
Is there any chance the period blood could have been spotting? Or is it possible to stop a period half way if I got pregnant  (my boyfriend always pulls out but we don't use condoms)?
I'm just really confused as to what this could mean. Also, I'm not sure when I should do with regards to starting the next pack, I figured that I should use another means of protection until I'd taken 7 pills.
Any help would be great! Thanks a lot and sorry that this was probably really confusing.
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