dialzero (dial_zero) wrote in vaginapagina,

new HPV vaccine?

Hi all,
I am considering getting the HPV vaccine, however, I'm now 27 so it's likely my insurance won't cover it.  (Still have to do some research on that, I have Harvard Pilgrim insurance currently).  I was wondering, though, if anyone knew of a newer HPV vaccine coming down the pike.  Googling "new hpv vaccine" only brought up Cervarix, which only protects against 2 of the strains that Gardasil protects against.

I know some of you keep up with this issue and may have heard of something that's currently in trials.  If there's the possibility of a new vaccine coming out in a few years (that protects against more strains than Gardasil) I may hold off until it comes out, especially if I'm paying out of pocket anyway.

(Also, I am really annoyed that there is an age cutoff for coverage.  What, women over 26 never have new sexual partners or risk getting exposed to different strains?)


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