Mega awesome (meganmila) wrote in vaginapagina,
Mega awesome


I'm a very worried person and this might be a stupid question. So, I got my period back in Febuary and I wasn't taking any BC at the time. After my period was finished I waited a couple of weeks to get back on BC. When I first started taking it I would sometimes take at 10:00 then 10:30 then one time I took it around noon and I know you're supposed to take at the same time but I have picked a time to take it which is at 10:00 recently. Today I was like fifteen minutes lates of taking it, would it still be effective? Like I said at the beginning of taking active pills I switched times alot but for maybe a couple of weeks now I take it at the same time.

This is probably stupid question I know..but would it be less effective if I'm just a little bit late?
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