betterbebalboa (betterbebalboa) wrote in vaginapagina,

Preventing HPV transmission between women

If two women both have high-risk HPV, and assuming for safety's sake that they have different strands of the virus and are thus still a danger to one another, what can they do to prevent transmitting HPV to one another? Obviously skin-to-skin contact like scissoring is out, but what about oral and manual contact, as long as it isn't a case of touching one vulva and then immediately touching the other? How can hands be sanitized in between to prevent transmission - is hand washing ok, or hand sanitizer, or would latex gloves (changing in between women) be necessary?

Similarly, if a third person is performing oral on both women, what can this third do to prevent transmitting HPV back and forth - is a dental dam necessary, or can the third just wash their face in between?

I'm considering a threesome situation where both I and the other woman have been diagnosed with high-risk HPV in the past, and we have not yet been proven to have cleared the virus from our bodies. It's something I really want to pursue, but obviously I'm also concerned about my health. If necessary, we can restrict the threesome to rolling around together/making out/playing with boobs, but I'm really not clear on exactly how HPV can be transmitted other than direct genital-to-genital contact, and it would be nice to incorporate oral and fingering if possible. (I am not going to have penetrative sex with the man involved, because I know HPV can be transferred that way even while using a condom.)

Thanks for any info you can give, especially medical citations!
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