fathomss (fathomss) wrote in vaginapagina,

Spotting a LOT?

I've been taking Yaz HBC for 12 days now. This is my first month to ever take HBC... ever. Well I'm the worrying type and even though I know that the first month of HBC can lead to spotting, I didn't think it would be this much! I know everyone's body is different but I have never heard of something like this. I have been "spotting" for approximately 5 days now. It was very light and more red at first, but for the past two days it has been a lot heavier (almost like a light period for me) and very thick and brown. I have also been cramping, feeling moody and experiencing more frequent bowel movements (just like I usually do before my usual period without HBC). Should I be worried about this? Is it normal?

Thanks everyone.
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