Jasmine Clark (mikomb) wrote in vaginapagina,
Jasmine Clark

Finally having my periods, maybe UTI?

I'm 24 & have PCOS. I have had periods maybe once a year or so since I was 18 but for the past few months I have started to get them regularly after starting metformin last summer. It feels so odd to be standing in front of the tampons and pads for the first time really reading boxes and trying to sort out what I should get. I know I'll get sick of it soon enough, but for now I'm sort of enjoying experiencing stuff I never thought I would. I even had a little secret glee when I got cramps for the first time. :D

Anyhow, a couple weeks ago I was feeling some pressure on my bladder/perhaps in my urethra. It didn't burn while urinating nor did I feel like going frequently. Just odd pressure that lasted about a day. I'm feeling the same thing today. My husband and I had sex yesterday and I'm on my period, so I was wondering if the blood/etc. can cause UTIs or UTI-like symptoms?
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