alexa_collins (alexa_collins) wrote in vaginapagina,

sore gums; cervix movement

 Hey VP!  I have two questions for you today, one more vagina-related than the other (though both having to do with periods):

First: I've noticed that my gums get really sore in the day or two before my period starts, and I get canker sores much more easily if I whack myself with my toothbrush or something.  I googled "PMS" and "sore gums" and it sounds like some women experience this as part of menopause, so I suppose there's some hormonal thing that causes it, but I don't know what.  Anyone have similar experiences, or know why it happens?

Second: In this community and in the menstrual_cups community, there's a lot of talk about people's cervixes moving during their cycle.  Does anyone know how quickly this sort of move occurs, and how much of a change it is, especially during the first day of one's period?  I've noticed my divacup leaks like crazy for the first three hours after my period starts, even if it feels like it's sealed really well when I put it in, but after that it's totally fine.  I can deal with the leaking, but it got me curious as to the cause - is it possible that my cervix is changing position rapidly enough that the cup is "re-settling" in my vag and breaking the seal in the process?  Or some other cause?

Sweet.  These are mostly just things I'm curious about, but I'd love to know what you have to say!
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