misssockpuppet (misssockpuppet) wrote in vaginapagina,

SO yi update...

after 1 course of 7-day monistat, then an exam, still a YI, then a 1 day diflucan, still a YI and BV, then 7 (but only had 6 due to a physical issue) of cleocin [which is usually a 3 day treatment, but she doubled me up] and then a 1 every 72 hrs x3 diflucan prescription, i still have a yeast infection. i take my last diflucan tomorrow and my period just ended and i can feel it. i don't know where to go next. i think im going to just leave my body be for a little and see if it can heal itself? would you agree?
and another question, i think i messed up my diflucan and took one, then waited only 48 hrs and took another, and tomorrow is 72 hours from that one, so i dont know how badly that will really screw me up.
anyway, anyone have recurrent YI? what helps you?

EDIT! important question!  i also meant to ask...how likely is it that it will spread to my..uhh..anus? i have some slight itching there, but usually after going to the bathroom, and i think it might be just because its sweaty. but now im all scared it spread!
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