an open kook (whatwe_know) wrote in vaginapagina,
an open kook

uncomfortable uterus/cervix with new IUD


My stats: I am 22, never been pregnant, uterus sounded to 6cm, got a Paragard inserted a week ago and have expelled one in the past. Insertion was Thursday and first (and only) sex was Sunday night. No real pain during sex/orgasm.

My concern: uncomfortable uterus/cervix. I have this icky feeling low in my pelvic area. From what I can tell it seems to be up in my vagina rather than in what I would describe as my belly area, so I am assuming it's coming from my cervix? Anyway it's that kind of feeling that just kind of makes you squirm in discomfort. Not identifiable cramps or spasms, really--more of a dull pain every once in a while punctuated by a more intense, shooting type pain.. I have been taking ibuprofen regularly (pretty much start the day with two 200mg pills and pop one or two more every four hours or so) and it hasn't seemed to help. My heating pad (which I basically have to straddle and wear like a giant pad for it to warm the right spot) helps a bit more. It seems to bother me more when I'm lying down? FWIW I felt basically fine immediately post-insertion and the couple days after save for intermittent cramps, so the feeling seems to have gathered steam over the course of the past 4-5 days.

Has anyone else experienced this? It sucks! I'm just squirming in discomfort all the time! Should I interpret it as a type of cramps or lingering cervix tenderness? Due to the slight risk of infection post-insertion, should I be concerned? Any treatment advice?

I've also been getting blood-tinged mucus since my insertion, which is totally understandable especially since I got the IUD on the second day of my period. However, today the blood stopped being maroon-ish/brown old blood-looking and has turned bright red.
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