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About two weeks ago, I developed an itchiness around my vulva/labia. I initially accounted it to an after-sex itch (condom irritation, etc) that would go away after a day or so. The itching has only become worse over time; it is tolerable in the daytime, yet my sleep has been disturbed twice now during the night and is borderline intolerable. I do not have any unusual odor or discharge, nor does anything look different visually. I am just incredibly itchy.

I tried changing my body wash. The problem lessened over a few days, but then worsened again. My laundry soap has been unchanged for months.

I have been sexually active with a guy for about a month now. We always use condoms for intercourse... however, there is not any protection for oral sex.

Researching things, I'm scared to say I have signs of trichomoniasis (itching, but no discharge/odor). I was tested about two months ago (std-free), and he is the only partner I've had since then. He claims to have been tested for the "major" STD's through bloodwork. I've asked him to get tested again, but he does not have medical insurance at the moment.

Have any of you experienced just itching with no other symptoms? Am I being paranoid or unrealistic to think trich is a possibility? Any other thoughts or advice? =\

Oh, and I've only not visited my gyno because I've worked every day since the itching began, and the office closes before I get out of work..
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