Beauty in the Breakdown (galeotti) wrote in vaginapagina,
Beauty in the Breakdown

Another genital warts/HPV question

I know something along these lines was just recently posted, but I think the other poster and I are looking for somewhat different answers.

So, I'm thinking it's likely that I have a case of genital warts. As in, a few months ago, some bumps that hadn't before existed came up on my vulva/nether-regions and they haven't gone away. Coincidentally, they cropped up right about the time that my girlfriend (my only sexual partner, in any capacity, ever) got back an abnormal pap smear that was later confirmed to be HPV. She does not have warts, however.

I haven't gotten them checked out by a doctor, nor have I ever had a pap smear (I'm 21 and didn't think it was necessary until I was sexually active - at which point I lost my insurance coverage).

My question is...what do I do? I think it unlikely that they'll go away on their own, and that liberal use of Compound W on my lady-parts is probably a really horrible idea. I'm a college student, and I can't really afford the cost of a visit to even the university health clinic, let alone the procedures and prescription necessary - but I read that if left untreated for a long period of time, then topical treatments will no longer work on the warts, and they'll have to be surgically removed! We also have no Planned Parenthood in my area, so the sliding pay scale option is out.

I'm also concerned about the strain of HPV that I could possibly have - I'm pretty sure the doctor told my girlfriend her strain was the non-cancer-causing variety (she's had the Gardasil shot, anyway) but how come she doesn't have warts and I do? Should I be concerned about someday having the nasty "C" word?

I'm just kind of at a loss here, so advice is appreciated.
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