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Pain after sex/fingering

Hey everyone

I am still without a cause for my pelvic pain. Basically, I've been having this weird little pinchy pains in my ovaries area for the last year or so, and have since discovered I have PCOS, which I had suspected. Before I knew about the PCOS, I went to the STI clinic for swabs, as I was having weird discharge. My swabs were negative but I was in a lot of pain during the exam, and the doctor assumed PID. The pain continued at the next appointment, after I'd taken the antibiotics for PID, so they said they doubted I'd ever had it. My GP suggested it could be chronic PID (I'd been treated for 'suspected' chlamydia in 2006 without a test) but I'd had the weird discharge looong before I ever had sex and had had many pelvic exams and swabs done without pain in the last few years.

I have had recurrent BV for the last 3-4 months but different doctors seem to have different opinions over whether it should cause pain. The amount of discharge coming out of my vag has decreased dramatically since I started long term treatment for the BV, so that's interesting. The thing is, it doesn't hurt that much to have sex or mess around, but it hurts AFTERWARDS. And in a weird place too. Not so much my cervix/pelvic area, but it hurts even under my chest. The pain comes on around 5 mins after sex and lasts for about half an hour. It's like a 'full of air' feeling as well as pain. I have IBS so I suffer from bloating but how would sex cause this?
I'm so confused!
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