Diana (twomojitos) wrote in vaginapagina,

Sharp pains

Hi all!

For the past couple of years, I've been getting sharp, stabbing pains in what feels like the area of my cervix. I ALWAYS forget to tell my doctor about them. Next time I go I swear I will remember but for now I figured I would ask if anyone had any ideas of why this happens and if I should worry. The pains happen at random times (not always after sex, before my period, after my period, etc....) and is very sharp and quick. If I am walking then I have to stop because it hurts so bad and then it just goes away and I feel fine. It's not a constant thing, it only happens once in awhile. Anyone else have experience with this? Thanks!

P.S. I do have HPV if this makes a difference...it's a very small amount and is always "stable" when I have my check-ups. I never remember to ask my doctor about this because it never seems to happen whenever I have an upcoming appt haha
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