Sarah (1girl) wrote in vaginapagina,

Topamax + HBC

Ugh. So my neurologist recently put me on Topamax for headaches and even gave me a sheet that had side effects on it. When I got the prescription filled, I read the big warnings on the side of the bottle (may cause drowsiness, drink with a full glass of water, blah blah), but didn't read the fine print (my fault). Neither of these two things said that it may interact with birth control. My neurologist didn't mention it to me, despite knowing that I am on HBC (it's in my chart). My pharmacist also didn't say anything when she filled it.

I've been taking Topamax for about a week now and only learned about the interaction because I googled Topamax so I could figure out to spell it to put it on an insurance form.

Part of this is a rant about who annoyed I am that nobody bothered to mention this potential interaction to me. But also, how interact-y is this interaction? Is it like antibiotics where it MIGHT cause an interaction but it probably won't? I don't really like condoms and I'm on HBC specifically so my boyfriend and I can enjoy some condom free monogamous lovin'. Blergh.
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